The tools you need to make sure your business is legally protected, without the high cost of hiring an attorney!


And to make it easier than ever for business owners to get all of their legal documents, contracts, and business tools in place so that they can sleep well knowing their business is legally protected.

Here's what you can expect from DML:

Custom Legal documents created with our rule-based document generating wizard
Legal Blueprints for every kind of online business to make sure you’re on the right path every step of the way
Legal Contracts specifically tailored to your business needs created with our advanced software
Complete pricing transparency – you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for, and how much, before you spend a dime
Membership options for each kind of business, no matter where you are in your development
Documents and Contracts available whenever, and wherever, you need them
A good night’s sleep knowing your business is protected
A continuously growing database of services, tools and information tailored to the specific needs of our customers

Who We Are.

DML was founded by an online business attorney, a couple of digital marketing experts, and a serial entrepreneur. Each one of us has gone through the trials and tribulations of starting our own businesses online, all while working other full-time jobs just to make ends meet.

We know that starting an online business can be difficult, time consuming, and requires a ton of sacrifice. There is so much going on that it can be hard to give attention to the important things in life, let alone the little nuances of the law to make sure your business is set up properly from a legal perspective.

There Is A New Way of Doing Business.

The truth is, many of the traditional rules of doing business don’t apply to the way business is being conducted today, online, for people like me and you. Because of that, the laws and legal guidelines are different as well. Go ahead and give any standard business attorney a call and ask her/him for the proper disclaimers you need for your product offer, or how to properly set up your JV and affiliate programs.

Chances are they’ll “have to get back to you”, or, even more annoyingly, you’ll have to explain to them the entire way your business works. You’ll have to break down sales funnels, online stores, information products, sales copy, list building, social media advertising, SEO, and pretty much every other element of developing a business on the internet. Oh, and on top of that, be prepared to shell out $450 per hour as they slowly trudge along giving out advice that they are “pretty sure” is correct.