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The Seven Steps to Optimisation

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The very 1st thing for any marketing campaign to be successful is a well crafted marketing strategy, with all of the key components defined, such as avatars, compelling message, the advertising media defined and researched.

For this to be effective you’ll need well defined goals and realistic objectives, remember this is not going to happen over night.

So you’ve mapped out your campaign strategy and now for the adverts themselves. You will need professionally designed ads with a well crafted message and a strong call to action. You will need a clearly defined budget to allow sufficient ads sets to be created for the different media platforms that you will be using to drive the traffic you require. You may need to consider different types of ads for the various media, so consider simple image / text ads for Facebook, Google and Bing, video ads for YouTube, Instagram  and Facebook, physical hard copy ad material such as flyers, postcards and newsletters and also never forget the power of print media such as newspapers, magazines and local media.

Now you need to consider what happens after they have seen you advert and click, called, registered or did nothing at all.

If the CTA was to click to see something, get a freemium, download a white paper, register for a webinar, get a promo code or something else the page or place they go must have a similar message, look and feel and the ads they have seen or they will think they are in the wrong place and exit. In order to have built this asset you must have understood your avatars needs, hopes, desires or pains and the promise on  the page needs to talk to that point. Always run a 5 second test on any page before it goes live as you have on average less than 5 seconds to grab there attention. If they did nothing at all when they saw the ad make sure you have re-targeting in place.

Your perfect customer has taken the action you wished them to, now what? Where do you want to take them and we have multiple options and here are just a few:

  • Visit a sales page
  • Watch a video series
  • Join a membership program
  • Receive your newsletter
  • Booked an appointment
  • Visited your store

Time to think about what next – you should have a well written e-mail sequence to let them know you have not forgotten about them, you are interested in them and you want them to interact with you on social media etc. So consider links to your various social media pages, and follow up with them about how they have found what ever you provided them. Ask for feed back and never forget referrals.

You will need to consider your value ladder and how you intend to take your ideal prospect on the ultimate customer journey that you have designed. You should seriously think about  this aspect of your strategy when you have attracted client / customers. Not every business can easily identify their value ladder but most can it can just take some real brainstorming to get there. You can always ask them what they want or require…

Consider the long game, if you are not constantly in front of your customers minds they will very easily forget you and move on the the business that is. With this in mind you will have built out as part of your marketing strategy how you intend to keep you and your business in front of your clients, customers or prospects. You can and should consider sending them something physical in the mail, yes I said MAIL. How do you feel when you receive something in the post that is unexpected, useful, interesting etc, this should also include a call to action for example like you most recent posts, follow you on twitter, watch your latest informational video etc.

You may have guested by the title of the step you cannot over test your adverts, we recommend at least 4 versions of an ad and 3 sets per custom audience. For your landing pages split test them but never change more than one item on the page at a time or you’ll never know which change worked.

Know your numbers:

  • Click on Ads
  • Landed on Page
  • Took Action on the Page
  • Sales including order bumps and OTO’s
  • E Mail Delivery
  • E Mail Open Rates
  • E Mail link clicks
  • Time on Page
  • Facebook likes and follows
  • Video Views
  • Progress through the programs
  • Refund Rates
  • Customers Satisfaction
  • Number of Quality Referals

I could go on and on around this subject as it is the key part of your marketing, if you don’t test you won’t understand if your doing the very best you can. You may be leaving dollars on the table….

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