Marketing Funnels -

What are they and will they work for my business?

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So what's a Marketing Funnel!

A marketing funnel is NOT another web page, it’s a whole process designed to take your ideal customer through a complete process.

The marketing funnel is a visualization for understanding the process of turning leads into customers, as understood from a marketing (and sales) perspective. The idea is that, like a funnel, marketers cast a broad net to capture as many leads as possible, and then slowly nurture prospective customers through the purchasing decision, narrowing down these candidates in each stage of the funnel.

Ideally, this marketing funnel would actually be a marketing cylinder, and all of your leads would turn into customers. Though this is not a reality for businesses, it is part of a marketer’s job to turn as many leads into customers as possible, thus making the funnel more cylindrical.

It’s important to note that there is not a single agreed upon version of the funnel; some have many “stages” while others have few, with different names and actions taken by the business and consumer for each. In the diagram below, we’ve done our best to pull out the most common and relevant funnel stages, terms, and actions so this information is useful to as many marketers as possible.

Sales Funnels

Will Funnels Work For My Business?

The answer is a resounding YES

You just need to chose the right funnel for your business, not all funnels are equal. There are many different types of funnels and can reading to learn more about these and their purposes. As with all marketing having the right message shown to the right people in the right way wins every time.

Funnel Types & What The're Used For!

Optin Funnel
Simple 2 Step Opt in Funnel

Optin Funnels

Opt in funnels normally consists of two page and its soul purpose is to capture potential customer/client names and e-mail addresses plus some other basic potential customer information. Now in this day and age nobody just hands out their details for free so most if not all opt in funnels have some sort of lead magnet such as a:

  • Free Report
  • Check List
  • White Paper
  • Free Video Lesson
  • Free E book


So you’re thinking I don’t have any of these that I could use, so here are some other ideas for a lead magnet:

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Treatment such as Teeth Cleaning, Manicure,
  • Free Initial Inspection/Audit
  • Free Cookie
  • Discount Voucher


Visit our portfolio page the see few examples Just Click Here

Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are exactly what the name suggests a multiple page funnel with many, many variations. They can be as simple as two pages to as many as you like the largest one PFG have created to date was 39 pages and this had a survey page, opt in page, 6 sales pages, 6 order forms, 6 order confirmation pages and 6 thank you pages plus terms and conditions pages etc.

The most common is a 5 step funnel which consists of squeeze page, sales page, order form, order confirmation and thank you page.

These can be extended by add one click up & down sell pages often referred to as OTO’s or one time offers, below are just a few examples of how sales funnels have been used…

  • Digital On line Programs
  • Tickets For Live Events
  • Music Album Promotion and Sales
  • Physical Products (just about everything you can think of has a funnel)
  • Supplements
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Gym Sessions
  • Self Defense and Martial Arts Training (both on and off line)
  • Business Services
  • Home Sales
  • Home Inspections
  • Solar Panels and many many more…

Live Webinars

These normally consist of two page and are designed to attract potential clients to register for a live webinar where they will receive valuable information delivered by the presenter and where the potential clients can ask any questions and get them answered live.

The two pages are a registration and confirmation pages. However it is now common practice to have a 5 page webinar funnel and the additional 3 pages are indoctrination pages. These are pages that contain education information videos and are designed to increase the attendance of the the people that sign up by keeping them engaged and interested enough that they actually show up at the required time.

The normal format is to present educational highly valuable information, answer any questions and include a call to action at the end to encourage attendees to purchase a product, service, program etc. Here are just a few examples of items sold via a webinar:

  • Click Funnels (market leading funnel building software)
  • Self Defense Program
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Self Development Courses
  • Real Estate Investment Opportunities
  • Marketing Courses
  • Facebook Ad Course
  • Mind Set Programs
  • How to Be a Better Speaker
  • How to Write a Book
  • How to Launch a Book
  • How to Improve Your Golf
  • How to Do Better Handstands (yes is true)
  • How to Become a Coach
  • Fitness Programs
  • How to be a Better Parent

Auto Webinars

Not to be confused with Live Webinars these are totally automated and can be made to look like they are live with some recent software development.

These are typically used once the live webinar format has been tuned to perfection and is converting well on all points:

  • Sign up
  • Attendance
  • Number of attendees that stay until the end
  • Sales

Auto webinar funnels consist normally of 4 pages:

  • Registration page
  • Confirmation page
  • Webinar Broadcast room page
  • Webinar reply room page

Auto webinars can run as often as every 15 mins but the norm is every hour. They are available to the potential client 24 hours a day 7 days a week and do not require anyone to host them. These are truly automated, and can be has high converting as a live webinar once it has been perfected. The obvious advantage is little cost in time as once they are set up they can run and run and you earn while you sleep.

Membership Funnels

This one of the best funnels for recurring revenue where you charge a monthly or annual fee for access to your program or programs.

How many of you are already in  one of these? I’m in at least 5 and get massive value from each and everyone of them.

This funnel usually consists of 5 pages

  • Sales Ppage
  • Order Form
  • Order Confirmation
  • Members Access
  • Members Area

Two of the best platforms on the market are Clickfunnels and New Kajabi, both have their own unique benefits so it pays to understand exactly what you need from your members area and most importantly what your paying members want and need.

Here at PFG we have built membership funnels for our own members and our clients across multiple niches and in multiple countries, some examples of these are:

  • How beat the menopause
  • Real Life Self Defense – Esstentials
  • Real Life Self Defense – Mastery
  • Facebook Custom Audience Training
  • Improve Your Golf
  • Football Coaching
  • Baseball Coaching
  • Fitness Programs
  • Weight Loss Programs


I could go on, you can see a few examples on our portfolio page just click here…

Product Launch Funnel

These are typically used to sell higher ticket online programs or live events. The founder of this process is Jeff Walker of the Product Launch Formula.

These funnel usually consist of 4 pages and have a high content of videos, the purpose is to engage you potential client with highly desirable information and educational material split into 4 sessions. On the 4th session would be the ask for the sale which is normally priced at $497 and up to $3997.

The process in its most simple form is a landing page with highly desireable content delivered via video and they potential client parts with their details in order to access this free content. After a day or two they will receive and e mail with a link to session 2 and so on.

Launch Funnel Process:

Day 1 See Advert – Click On Advert and Go to Landing Page – Sign Up – Watch Video 1

Day 3 Receive E Mail with Link (click link) – Watch Video 2 –

Day 5 Receive E Mail with Link (click link) – Watch Video 3

Day 7 Receive E Mail with Link (click link) – Watch Video 4 and then promote to offer for purchase.

Some examples of programs sold via a product launch funnel are:

  • Live Events
  • High Ticket Training Programs
  • High Tickets SaaS Solutions
  • High Performance Academies
  • Horse Riding Programs
  • Programs on how to have a better relationship with your pets
  • Learn Feng Shui